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Northampton Teen Housing Expansion Project


Thank you for helping us provide affordable housing for youth experiencing homelessness in Hampshire County!



A message to our donors!

We have finished raising the money needed to pay off the remaining balance on our NTH Project. This building filled up with new tenants almost immediately upon being ready, and has remained full since. Youth homelessness often hides in plain sight, and this is one of the most direct ways to combat that.

To everyone who donated to this project, we sincerely thank you for your support. The earlier we can intervene in a young persons life and provide them stability and support, the sooner they can begin to improve their situation and move forward in positive ways.

Thank you for your support, we couldn't have done it without every donor, volunteer, and staff person who dedicated time to this project!

What we are fundraising for

We have finished fundraising to pay for the new construction for our Northampton Teen Housing location in Northampton MA, located near Smith Vocational High School. This location is conveniently located near an urgent care facility, a bus route, and multiple schools. This building is adjacent to our recently renovated 4 bedroom / 2 apartment building. This additional building consists of 4 single bedroom efficiency units, as well as a program space for staff to work with youth. Our primary goal for this building is to expand the housing options for homeless and at-risk youth in Hampshire County. The apartments are fully furnished with 3 month auto-renewing leases, and rent is based on what the youth are able to afford. These 3 month auto-renewing leases will provide youth with greater flexibility than a traditional one year lease.

How it works for the youth

Youth will work with DIAL/SELF case managers during the application process, during their time staying in NTH, and if they wish, after they no longer live in NTH. Our role as an agency is to support youth and aid them in their upward trajectory toward independent adulthood. Case managers will be available to help the youth learn what resources are available in the community, as well as help them achieve their educational goals, career goals, and personal goals.


More pictures of the project!

View from the street of the new building! ( Landscaping to follow )

Sidewalk view of the front of the program space.


View more pictures in our Facebook album, including progress pictures of the new construction!